Shwaag Sighting: Francine Hardaway’s Laptop!

July 13, 2010

Francine Hardaway's Laptop!

You never know where Shwaag will be seen next!

We’re excited to announce that Shwaag has been sighted on Francine Hardaway‘s laptop.  Francine is well known as a “Geek to Human Translator,” social media guru, and serial entrepreneur.

Follow Francine on Twitter and Facebook, and be sure to tell her Shwaag sent ya!

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Where will Shwaag be sighted next?


Where is the Shwaag Now? Highlight: Tony Mast

July 10, 2010

At Shwaag, we’re all about paying it forward.  In fact, our whole business model is built around that very concept.  Most of the time, once a member Gets Shwaag’d, we release the item to the member.  We feel great, knowing we’ve made someone’s day.  And we expect nothing in return.  That’s why it’s always a pleasant surprise to see how the Shwaag Item is being used.  Where is the Shwaag Now?  In this case, we find Member Tony Mast with his Flip Ultra HD from Shwaag.  Let’s see how he’s used it to continue to pay it forward!