Shwaag Meets Meet-Meme at SMAZ

September 13, 2010 did it again!  SMAZ 3 on September 9, 2010: a fantastic event filled with high energy people and high quality information.  Shwaag was proud to sponsor the event, where we gave away over 50 Shwaag items to lucky attendees.  One of the best parts of sponsoring an event like SMAZ is getting to meet so many Social Media people in real life.

So when Jonathan Brewer (aka @HouseOfBrew) turned in his red envelope and claimed his T-Shirt Shwaag from ASU Official Bookstores, we were happy to meet him.  But when he came back to chat later, we learned more about his new business Meet-Meme.  We thought it was such a cool business concept, we wanted to share it with all of you!  Check out this short video interview as Shwaag’s own @SOCJacki interviews @HouseOfBrew and @graphyxguy503 about the Super Cool ASU T-shirt he won, as well as this Super Cool Business!


Shwaag Sighting: Gina Bovara’s Laptop!

August 2, 2010

Gina Bovara's Laptop!

Shwaag Sighting: we’ve been spotted on the laptop of Gina Bovara, one of our raving fans and Shwaag Members. Shwaag is seen here in the company of Intel, the Chicago Bears, and Gangplank to name a few.  We’re honored Gina has included us 🙂

Allow us to introduce you!  Gina Bovara is a Developer Marketing Manager on the Intel Software Network Marketing team in Chandler, Arizona.  We’d love for you to have a chance to chat with her and get to know her better.  You can connect with her by reading her blog, following her on Twitter, finding her on Facebook, and even watching her being interviewed on Into Tomorrow.

Thanks for your awesomeness, Gina…we appreciate you!

Want to let us know you’ve had a Shwaag Sighting?  Feel free to post it on our Facebook Fan Page, just like Gina did!

Where is the Shwaag Now? Highlight: Tony Mast

July 10, 2010

At Shwaag, we’re all about paying it forward.  In fact, our whole business model is built around that very concept.  Most of the time, once a member Gets Shwaag’d, we release the item to the member.  We feel great, knowing we’ve made someone’s day.  And we expect nothing in return.  That’s why it’s always a pleasant surprise to see how the Shwaag Item is being used.  Where is the Shwaag Now?  In this case, we find Member Tony Mast with his Flip Ultra HD from Shwaag.  Let’s see how he’s used it to continue to pay it forward!

Chuck Reynold’s Shwaagtastic Video

May 24, 2010

Flip Ultra HD…one of the many awesome items highlighted on  And here, Chuck Reynolds uses his for the first time.  What does the content of the video include?  We’re pretty honored to know the very first images on his Flip Ultra HD is our logo…along with a message to us.  Thanks Chuck!  We appreciate you!

Chuck Reynolds and his Shwaagtastic Video!

Valley PR Blog, Tyler Hurst, and Shwaag. Oh My!

May 1, 2010

When Tyler Hurst Got Shwaag’d with the Kindle, he got a little more than the Shwaag itself.  Linda Vandevrede from Valley PR Blog took notice.  On her quest to find the perfect eReader, she contacted Tyler to see how he was liking his new toy.  Tyler and Shwaag are both highlighted in her blog article AZ firm Shwaag touts Social Powered Generosity.

We love to see our members connect this way, both helping each other out in whatever ways they can.   For us, that’s like the whip cream on the sundae.  But to also get a cool write up in the process?  It’s the cherry on top!  Thanks Linda and Tyler for the Shwaag Luv!

Merlin U Ward’s Shwaagtastic Video

May 1, 2010

Shwaag loves it when we make our member’s day.  There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing we’re bringing a ray of sunshine to someone….except maybe when they create a video so we can see that moment first hand!  Thanks Merlin U. Ward for the Shwaagtastic Video!

Merlin Ward with his new Keurig B60 Home Brewer Special Edition from Shwaag

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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