Shwaag Beta: Site changes – 11/17

November 17, 2009
  • Fixed a bug where coverflow issues had no future products.
  • Fixed a bug where is this for real should generate to a “is this for real page”
  • Fixed a bug where Beta shwaag logo needed to be implemented.
  • Fixed a bug where sign up for beta should redirect to thank you page.
  • Fixed a bug where missing images on product page not handled properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Shwaag logo was not linking back to home page everywhere.
  • Fixed a bug where navigation for login on user/:id and other places not correct
  • Fixed a bug where Suggested Shwaag fails when content too long
  • Fixed a bug where Learn more link not linked
  • Fixed a bug where on splash screen doesn’t deal with resize
  • Added feature to allow a member to share a shwaag product to delicious, digg, etc
  • Added feature to allow blue bar Shwaag curious login.

Welcome to Shwaag!

November 16, 2009

Shwaag™:\`shwāāg\ Premium stuff given away that you can choose to keep, give to a friend or donate to your favorite charity.

Thanks for visiting The Shwaagalicious Blog.  We will be using this site over the next little while to update our Beta members on important changes that affect the site as we prepare for our public unveiling.  We also look forward to bringing you regular updates on our public events and the fun times that come with preparing to launch the first social site that is powered 100% by generosity!

Thanks for being part of the Shwaag movement!

Shwaag Beta: Site Changes – 11/16

November 16, 2009
  • Fixed a bug where pix in “Upcoming Shwaag” are rolling over the outside frame instead of within
  • Fixed a bug where desc under images on beta signup page not updating properly
  • Fixed a bug where text under images on splash screen not aligned properly.
  • Fixed a bug where is this for real needed to be linked from home page
  • Fixed a bug where the Beta queue needed to generate from custom queue
  • Fixed a bug to ensure products on splash plage should not be clickable