Chuck Reynold’s Shwaagtastic Video

May 24, 2010

Flip Ultra HD…one of the many awesome items highlighted on  And here, Chuck Reynolds uses his for the first time.  What does the content of the video include?  We’re pretty honored to know the very first images on his Flip Ultra HD is our logo…along with a message to us.  Thanks Chuck!  We appreciate you!

Chuck Reynolds and his Shwaagtastic Video!


Upgrading the Luv for The Recipe by Amilya Antonetti

May 10, 2010

Shwaag Luv is in the air…or more accurately, on the Internet.  Amilya Antonetti is releasing her new book “The Recipe: A Fable for Leaders and Teams” and has chosen to team up with Shwaag to help get the word out.  In Amilya’s new book she shares her recipe for leadership and team building – two key ingredients in creating your best business AND your best life.

Visit for details on The Recipe and The iPad giveaway

As Amilya launches her new book this week, we are seeing our Shwaag members spreading the Love for Amilya.  For us, a company founded on Social Powered Goodness, this makes our hearts swell with joy.

We want to share that joy and spread the love.  So we’re making a great thing even better!  So when the Shwaag Drops for Amilya’s book, it will no longer come pre-loaded on a 16GB iPad.  Now, out of love and appreciation for all the Social Goodness we see surrounding Amilya’s Book and Shwaag, we will be pre-loading a 32GB Apple iPad with The Recipe.

We want to also extend Big Love to Amilya as she launches her book this week.  The Shwaag Team had a chance to read The Recipe, and we were impressed!   Even if you’re the one to Get Shwaag’d with the book and iPad, you’ll want to have copies of this book to give as gifts to anyone who has ever started a business….or anything else for that matter.  You can buy a copy of the traditional book here, and you can enter for the iPad and eVersion of the book here.

Our first member to get Shwaag’d with the illustrious iPad

May 3, 2010

You can tell that Andy Pollinger is a pretty down to earth, laid back guy. He strolled up casually last week to meet us outside of the Apple store; steel and glass brimming with gadgetry and nestled just within the Scottsdale Quarter.

Not that we expected someone to come running up to us, arms outstretched screaming, “Where’s my iPad!?!”, but this guy looked pretty calm, cool and collected for a guy who just took home the biggest Shwaag bundle to date, but his smile gave it all away. Andy was within minutes of walking away with the sleek and sexy Apple iPad, docking keyboard and matching case.

Not bad for this young twenty-something who’s on track to close on his first home in the coming month, and will be sharing it with his soon to be wife, Stephanie. Congrats, Andy! You’re more than Shwaagworthy and we wish you all the best!

All images (c)2010 and courtesy of Kimberly Mahr and M. Edwards

Valley PR Blog, Tyler Hurst, and Shwaag. Oh My!

May 1, 2010

When Tyler Hurst Got Shwaag’d with the Kindle, he got a little more than the Shwaag itself.  Linda Vandevrede from Valley PR Blog took notice.  On her quest to find the perfect eReader, she contacted Tyler to see how he was liking his new toy.  Tyler and Shwaag are both highlighted in her blog article AZ firm Shwaag touts Social Powered Generosity.

We love to see our members connect this way, both helping each other out in whatever ways they can.   For us, that’s like the whip cream on the sundae.  But to also get a cool write up in the process?  It’s the cherry on top!  Thanks Linda and Tyler for the Shwaag Luv!

Merlin U Ward’s Shwaagtastic Video

May 1, 2010

Shwaag loves it when we make our member’s day.  There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing we’re bringing a ray of sunshine to someone….except maybe when they create a video so we can see that moment first hand!  Thanks Merlin U. Ward for the Shwaagtastic Video!

Merlin Ward with his new Keurig B60 Home Brewer Special Edition from Shwaag

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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