Our Members are Champions of Social Goodness

The Shwaag movement is all about everyday people becoming Champions of Social Goodness by utilizing their social networks to spread the word about great companies doing great things. In turn, these companies not only get recognized for their amazing products and services, but their work with charities, environmental causes and within their own communities.

The generous companies we work with also give back to Shwaag members. Their contributions of 100% FREE products and services called Shwaag, is just one more way of saying “thanks” to the Shwaag community. These products and services are distributed to our members who, in turn, can choose to keep their Shwaag or Pay It Forward.

What generous companies do you know?  What companies are out there, doing good in the world?  Let us know by leaving a comment..help spread the Social Powered Goodness!


2 Responses to Our Members are Champions of Social Goodness

  1. Chelsea says:

    I have tried to get my “confirmation email” resent for two days now. Nothing. I checked spam email as well.

    Tried to email support, got a bounce back “mail box full”.

    Tried to call your number (I’m in Scottsdale)… disconnected.

    What’s the deal? Is anyone even THERE?

  2. Chelsea says:

    What about Whole Foods? Maybe they could kick down some gift cards… they met all of your criteria and are in a ton of towns around the US

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