Upgrading the Luv for The Recipe by Amilya Antonetti

Shwaag Luv is in the air…or more accurately, on the Internet.  Amilya Antonetti is releasing her new book “The Recipe: A Fable for Leaders and Teams” and has chosen to team up with Shwaag to help get the word out.  In Amilya’s new book she shares her recipe for leadership and team building – two key ingredients in creating your best business AND your best life.

Visit http://www.Shwaag.com for details on The Recipe and The iPad giveaway

As Amilya launches her new book this week, we are seeing our Shwaag members spreading the Love for Amilya.  For us, a company founded on Social Powered Goodness, this makes our hearts swell with joy.

We want to share that joy and spread the love.  So we’re making a great thing even better!  So when the Shwaag Drops for Amilya’s book, it will no longer come pre-loaded on a 16GB iPad.  Now, out of love and appreciation for all the Social Goodness we see surrounding Amilya’s Book and Shwaag, we will be pre-loading a 32GB Apple iPad with The Recipe.

We want to also extend Big Love to Amilya as she launches her book this week.  The Shwaag Team had a chance to read The Recipe, and we were impressed!   Even if you’re the one to Get Shwaag’d with the book and iPad, you’ll want to have copies of this book to give as gifts to anyone who has ever started a business….or anything else for that matter.  You can buy a copy of the traditional book here, and you can enter for the iPad and eVersion of the book here.


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