Our first member to get Shwaag’d with the illustrious iPad

You can tell that Andy Pollinger is a pretty down to earth, laid back guy. He strolled up casually last week to meet us outside of the Apple store; steel and glass brimming with gadgetry and nestled just within the Scottsdale Quarter.

Not that we expected someone to come running up to us, arms outstretched screaming, “Where’s my iPad!?!”, but this guy looked pretty calm, cool and collected for a guy who just took home the biggest Shwaag bundle to date, but his smile gave it all away. Andy was within minutes of walking away with the sleek and sexy Apple iPad, docking keyboard and matching case.

Not bad for this young twenty-something who’s on track to close on his first home in the coming month, and will be sharing it with his soon to be wife, Stephanie. Congrats, Andy! You’re more than Shwaagworthy and we wish you all the best!

All images (c)2010 and courtesy of Kimberly Mahr and M. Edwards


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