I’m having problems with the Extra Entries. Help!

Once you’ve entered your chance to Get Shwaag’d, you have the opportunity to gain extra entries.  You earn additional entries by Tweeting on Twitter, Posting on Facebook, and by Posting an invitation to Shwaag on your Facebook wall.  To make sure the extra entries feature is working properly, make sure you’ve done the following:

1.  Set your browser to accept Pop-Ups from http://www.Shwaag.com.  To access any of the additional entry features, a second window will open.  If you have your Pop-Up blocker on, you will not be able to get the extra Shwaag-Love!

2.  Have your Twitter account authenticated on your Shwaag profile.  Simply access your profile page, then click on “Twitter Authentication” button.  Follow the prompts from there, and you’re in!

3.  Have your Facebook page set to accept Apps from Shwaag.  Just like any other Facebook App features, you have to set up permission for us to post on your wall when you want us to!  If you play Farmville, or Mob Wars, or send cute little hugs or smiley faces to your friends, then you are already familiar with how to allow access!  It’s easy, the first time you try to post to Facebook for an extra entry, you’ll be asked to allow access.  Simply follow the prompts, and you’re all set!

4. Shwaag was designed for one person to have one account.  We have found many of the issues that arise from using this feature may stem from members trying to have and use multiple accounts.  Remember, we’re all about Social Powered Generosity.  Trying to cheat the system is Social Powered Greed.  Our systems are sensing when someone is not adhering to our core mission.  If you’re “working the system” we advise you stop immediately!  Cheating Shwaag is worse than breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder, and having a black cat cross your path…all at the same time.


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