What is the Deal with the Twitter and Facebook Buttons after I enter to receive Shwaag?

To enter to receive the Shwaag Item of your choice, simply follow these steps. That’s all you need to do for one entry.

But if you’d like to increase your chances of Getting Shwaag’d, we’d like to give you that chance. You’re also sharing the word with friends, and we’re all about Social Powered Generosity!

Once you’ve registered your chance to receive Shwaag, you’ll see the Twitter and Facebook buttons appear. If you Tweet about that Shwaag item, you will receive an additional entry for that item. If you post about that Shwaag item on your Facebook page, you automatically get yet another entry. Pretty Sweet Deal, huh?

Of course, we strongly prefer you only do that once per product, and, other than the “Invite Friends” feature you will only get 1 bonus point for the 1st twitter and/or facebook post for the duration of the product giveaway – which may last from one to many days.

Giving you great content and valuable information to share to your Social Media Connections? Yes! Giving you a way to turn your profiles into Spam-files? No way!

Now you can even Spread the Shwaag-Love by inviting friends. Want to know more?


3 Responses to What is the Deal with the Twitter and Facebook Buttons after I enter to receive Shwaag?

  1. […] How Does the Invite Friends Feature Work? If you’re asking this question, you’ve already hit the “Shwaag Me” Button on one of our awesome products.  After your entry is registered, you are taken to a screen that gives you the opportunity to receive more entries by posting to Facebook and/or Twitter. […]

  2. […] That’s it.  That’s all there is to it, no strings attached.  If you want more chances to Get Shwaag’d, read how by clicking here. […]

  3. […] Shwaag’d, you have the opportunity to gain extra entries.  You earn additional entries by Tweeting on Twitter, Posting on Facebook, and by Posting an invitation to Shwaag on your Facebook wall.  To make sure the extra entries […]

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