Shwaag Beta: Site changes – 11/17

  • Fixed a bug where coverflow issues had no future products.
  • Fixed a bug where is this for real should generate to a “is this for real page”
  • Fixed a bug where Beta shwaag logo needed to be implemented.
  • Fixed a bug where sign up for beta should redirect to thank you page.
  • Fixed a bug where missing images on product page not handled properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Shwaag logo was not linking back to home page everywhere.
  • Fixed a bug where navigation for login on user/:id and other places not correct
  • Fixed a bug where Suggested Shwaag fails when content too long
  • Fixed a bug where Learn more link not linked
  • Fixed a bug where on splash screen doesn’t deal with resize
  • Added feature to allow a member to share a shwaag product to delicious, digg, etc
  • Added feature to allow blue bar Shwaag curious login.

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